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Golden Dorado Fishing

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Golden Dorado Fishing: 3 days

About the Dorado
The Golden Dorado is sought-after by anglers both for its fighting ability and for the table. It’s famous for its high jumps and stamina, frequently getting airborne in an attempt to lose the hook; a true gamefish. It is the apex river predator living off smaller fish and insects.

The golden Dorado has a large head and fearsome jaws filled with sharp teeth. Adults are yellow-golden, and juveniles more silvery, reaching maturity around 37 cm (15”) nose to tail and between 3 and 10 kg (6 to 25 lbs). The largest recorded Dorado is a massive 1.3 m (51”) and 34 kg! Females grow considerably larger than males, but otherwise the sexes are similar. It is the largest scaled freshwater fish in South America. It is no relation to the salt-water dorado.

The fish favour water temperatures of 20° to 28 °C and they are migratory. Migration is triggered by water temperature, season and the availability of prey, and will move as far as 400 Km to spawn in the spring and early summer. It migrates in groups but is otherwise solitary. As many as two million eggs can be released at the water surface. Golden Dorado can live to 15 yrs old.


Fishing for Golden Dorado

Fishing for Golden Dorado: the estancia is on the bank of the River Coriente.

Dorado fly-fishing program (3 days)
Day 1: We will meet you in the small town of Esquina (speak to Venture Co to arrange access, which is straight-forward) Breakfast upon arrival. Meet the fly-fishing guide and set off for the river when you’re ready. Fish all morning. Asado on a mid-stream island (‘asado’ = traditional Argentinian bbq). Fishing in the afternoon. Return to the lodge at dusk. Cheese and wine tasting. Dinner.

Day 2: Breakfast. Fishing on the Corriente or Parana Rivers, depending on prevailing conditions. Gourmet picnic lunch on the white sand beaches. Fishing in the afternoon. Return to the lodge at dusk. Asado.

Day 3: Breakfast. Transfer to the port. Departure to the river. All day fishing. Lunch on the banks of the river. Farewell dinner. Transfer back to Esquina.

Program includes: Expert fly-fishing river guide, transfers in and out, motorboat, fuel, fishing permits, meals from breakfast on day one to dinner on day 3 with soft and alcoholic drinks included. Full board river lodge accommodation. Use of rods, line and tackle. You are of course welcome to bring your own equuipment as well.

Not included: tips.

Adding days: no problem! Stay as long as you like.

Fishing for Golden Dorado

Fishing for Golden Dorado: peace and tranquility after a busy day on the rivers.

Dorado take flies both on the surface and sub-surface, and heavier fly tackle (#6 and up, reaching #12 in some places) are attractive to Dorado. Fly fishermen also use intermediate and sinking-tip fly lines in fast currents. The Dorado is an avid hunter but can be a lazy chaser so either very slow or very fast movement of the flies works to sparks an attack. They don’t tend to move after prey preferring an ambush approach. Shiny, flashy lures work well, which led to the development of flies with lots of shiny, colourful material. Minnow-like flies, streamers and other fish-imitating flies are effective, but large flies that swim below the surface work best.



The Rivers
There are two rivers flowing through the estancia: The Corriente and The Parana. The river have very little boat-traffic and the water is unpolluted which means a thriving ecosystem, rich in flora and fauna. The Parana River is the second longest river in South America and famous for its Dorado fishing. The Corriente flows from the Iberá Wetlands which is the second largest wetlands on the planet. Our lodge is located in a very special and unique part of the world and the fishing here reflects that.

The river guides
Venture Co has been working with Angie (estancia owner) and the Gaucho Trail for many years. Her two grown-up sons, Ramon and Diego, will be your private guides. They opened their lodge, which is only a few Km from the main estancia farmhouse, in 2016. And it’s a beautiful building, right on the banks of the Corriente River with gorgeous views. The Golden Dorado is the primary fishspecies but there are of course several others such as Pacu, Armado, Raya, Piranha, various dogfish, salmon and two species of huge catfish. Ramon and Diego prefer catch and release, but if a suitable fish is caught before lunch …. the island bbq awaits!

The Lodge is the perfect combination of luxurious comfort and relaxed atmosphere. The central hub of the lodge is the outdoor veranda and large elegantly decorated dining room. It has panoramic views overlooking the Corriente River and has 9 suites, two drawing rooms, three dining rooms, BBQ Terrace with wood oven and outside there’s a 14m swimming pool. Every suite has its own bathroom, air conditioning and daily maid service; free wi fi. The mature grounds have native palm, Lapacho and Timbo trees and numerous other species you’ve never even heard of!