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Horse Riding holidays in Chile


Chile is an unusual shape: very long (4,300 Km) and very thin (180 Km wide). The North of the country is a hot, dry desert called the Atacama, one of the driest places on earth. By complete contrast the extreme South is the southern-most point on mainland planet earth.

The 42nd parallel (Line of Latitude) runs through Chile and Argentina and marks the boundary of Patagonia. This is an area of deep fjords, snow-capped peaks and dormant volcanos; an area of truly outstanding natural beauty waiting to be explored on foot, self-drive and best of all, on horseback.

The riding holidays in Patagonia use Criollo horses which are about 15:2 hh and very reliable. This is a strong, sure-footed breed ideally matched to the Patagonian terrain. They fearlessly ford rivers which are sometimes more than 100 m wide with riverwater reaching the stirrups; a thrilling experience.

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Patagonia: Across the Andes. 6 days

A ride on Creole horses between Estancias (“ranches”) crossing the snow-capped Andes from Chile to the Argentine border. Ride through Valdivian forests, ford wide rivers and weave between dormant volcanos. Explore the Chilean part of Patagonia riding alongside gauchos in pristine, remote countryside.

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Huaso Trail. 7 days

"Huaso" loosely translates as 'cowboy' and this trail ride explores the wilderness network of trails that were cut by the early pioneers. The ride is centred around the beautiful Puello Valley and the rivers that flow directly from the glaciers. 8 nights and 7 full days riding.

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