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Cruise in the Amazon Rainforest

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River cruise, Amazon Jungle

We have two riverboats that operate on the Rio Napo, a major tributary of the River Amazon. Getting to the start of the river trip is an adventure in itself: a 30 minute flight takes you from Quito, the capital, crossing the Andes in an easterly direction and descending to the jungle town of Coca. Here you board the boat and set off on a 3, 4 or 7 night river cruise.

River cruise, Amazon Jungle

The riverboat’s shallow draft allows her to navigate easily.

This is low-impact cruising: there are just 14 berths on board and the guide-to-passenger ratio is so good that you always have ‘the ear’ of a specialist guide for questions about the indigneous people, wildlife and birds.

River cruise, Amazon Jungle

The most popular itinerary is the 5 days/4 nights cruise, but we also have a 3 and 7 day alternative. Please request details.

5 Days /4 Nights cruise. Departs every Friday, returns Monday

Exploring the Amazon Jungle

This is a journey that takes you into the heart of the Amazon Basin. Given the remote and pristine nature of this jungle, the very best way to explore it is by navigating down the Napo River on a specially designed vessel.

The Manatee Amazon Explorer allows guests to experience unparalleled adventures in comfort. Journey down freshwater rivers, both whitewater and black water, and encounter different Amazonian ecosystems, including the possibility to observe as pink river dolphins, manatees, caimans and piranhas, as well as hundreds of native bird and primate species.

A percentage of the income from this cruise funds the Capi’s Amazon River Program (CARP) that manages 3 non-profit rescue projects for endangered animals in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest: The Charapas turtle, the Pink River Dolphin and the Manatee.

River cruise, Amazon Jungle

Specialist Amazon Jungle guides share their skills and knowledge


Our adventure begins in the city of Quito, capital of Ecuador. After taking a short 30- minute flight from Quito to the Amazon town of Coca; transfer to the dock and board the motorized canoe to journey down the river for approximately an hour and a half. Rendez-vous with the boat and settle in to your cabin.

Once you have settled in guests will be joined by the team of expert local naturalist guides who will provide a brief introduction to the Ecuadorian Amazon. Explore the features of the riverbaot such as the observation deck.

After dinner, plunge straight into the Amazon rainforest by going for a nighttime forest walk to observe the forest’s nocturnal activity and experience the thrill of the noises and aromas that come from so much biodiversity.


Early in the morning visit Yasuni National Park. This is a pristine and undisturbed region of the Ecuadorian Amazon. This is the home of the legendary Pink River Dolphin. In this area we can also find anacondas, river turtles and various primate species, as well as the colorful Hoatzin, a unique bird that is known locally as the “Stinky Turkey”.

Later in the afternoon, you can go canoeing in a blackwater lake, home to giant otters and the magnificent, albeit elusive, manatee. Hike in the Riparian Gallery Forest, where there’s the chance to spot a flock of birds and marvel at the intricate organization of a colony of leaf-cutter ants by the “Giant Fig Tree”, a truly majestic tree that is home to an abundance of wildlife, much like the “Giant Kapok Tree”.


Start the day off by visiting a Quechua family who live on the bank of the Napo River; learn a bit about this fragile culture and speak via an interpreter directly to members of the community.

Rejoin the Manatee Amazon Explorer for lunch and continue the navigation upstream. Onboard activities include participate in a cooking class with the resident chef who will share recipes and techniques using fresh and organic ingredients to prepare exquisite traditional Ecuadorian food. Other onboard facilities include a relaxing massage at the Rainforest Spa, the spectacular ever-changing scenery view from the hot tub, a cocktail in the bar or just admire the amazing sunsets or the stargazing at night from the Observation Deck Lounge. For more active guest a kayaks are available.

• This day we are pleased to offer a camping program for our adventurous guests which is an alternative manner to explore this enchanting destination (Optional activity for the 5 and 8 day cruise only.)

River cruise, Amazon Jungle

Giant Kapok tree deep in the rainforest


Disembark to explore the nearby forest on foot. Discover a variety of animals and plant species that can only be found in the Amazon basin.

In the afternoon visit a canopy tower, built against a giant Kapok tree. The view from the top of the tower is glorious, high above the lush treetops and providing a view of the vastness of the Amazon Basin.

In the evening, take to the river in a canoe to search for black caiman, using hand-held torches.


This is where the adventure ends. Enjoy the last part of the return journey and disembark the Manatee Amazon Explorer to take the motorized canoe back to Coca (one-and-a-half-hour ride). Fly back to Quito where the river cruise ends.

The boat features:

10 Standard Cabins, with a/c, private balcony and ceiling-to-floor windows. All with private bathroom.

4 Deluxe Cabins which come with all of the above, plus private balconies and private whirlpool bathtubs with a scenic view!

Onboard amenities include bar & lounge, conference room, a cozy reading room, the Rainforest Spa, an Explorer´s Boutique shop, an al fresco lounge and diningroom providing exceptional culinary offerings. Outdoor hot tub on the observation deck.

 Swimming
 Kayaking
 Birdwatching
 Jungle Hikes
 Canoe excursions
 Cooking lessons – traditional dishes
 Climbing the observation tower high in the Amazon canopy
 Native family visit
 Night Hikes
 Briefings given by expert naturalist guides
 Demonstration of regional handicrafts
 BBQ pit
 Traditional Amazonian delicacies
 Camping (5 & 8 days cruises only)