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Mindo Largo, Cloud Forest

Mindo Lago – Cloud Forest


Huge butterflys which can be attracted by dabbing sugar-water onto your face!

“Mindo” or The Reserve Mindo-Nambillo Protected Forest, is 15,000 Ha of primary forest on the western side of the Andean watershed, as opposed to the eastern side, which is the Amazon jungle. It ranges in height from 1,500 m to nearly 5,000 m asl. There are comfortable lodges, tubing on the rivers, orchid gardens and butterfly gardens, as well as over 400 bird species. And all this within 2 hrs of Quuito.

Inca Venture

The butterfly museum.

Frogs – Mindo Largo

Perhaps one of the most understated attractions is the “Frog Concert”: Mindo Lago is the ideal habitat for amphibians and the healthy frog population gives voice each evening! The best way to experience it is on a gentle night-time walk. The main pond is actually man-made (though you wouldn’t know it) and was designed to reintroduce several frog species that had become absent from the area. Brilliant conservation work, skilfully executed. And the concert is every bit as good as the Bell Frogs in December in the Okavango Delta! Frogs of the world unite!

Staying at Mindo Lago

Breakfast is simple and delicious and usually served on a pontoon in the middle of the lake. Dinner may be taken in the massive treehouse. This is not a luxurious hotel experience, but it is pretty unique and well worth it!


The forest garden at Mindo Largo.