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Riding Holidays Colombia

Colombia Horse Riding

The NW tip of South America is where you find the surprisingly-big country of Colombia. It’s a place of meetings: Amazon Jungle meets the coast, Andes Mountains meet the Darien Gap and the mighty coffee bean meets the West! Where would we be without our daily mug of coffee, and where does the best coffee in the world come from? Colombia. It’s been off-limits for travellers for so many decades but now firmly (and safely) back on the travellers’ radar.

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Horse Riding Holidays in Colombia

Charalá to Barichara: The Independence Trail

Colombia is at long last back on the travellers' radar. We last ran a trip there in 1986! So it's been a long time coming. Colombia is a delightful destination to explore and this 10 day trail is exhilarating.

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Old Cattle Trail to Casanare

Follow traditional drover's trails from the Andes Mountains down through the tropical forests to the grazing grounds known as the 'Llanos' the lowland plains on the Orinoco floodplain.

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