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May 2015

Spanish steps: Riding Andalusian Horses

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A wonderful chance to ride spirited horses, in the Springtime, in glorious country. Explore this hidden area of Andalusia where hospitality is warm and welcoming.

The ride:Ride in Spain

Just a month to go till the BHS head off to the Alpujarra Mountains for the 8 day ride! You are in for a lovely ride, in a beautiful part of Andalusia and at the perfect time of year. I have just returned from a visit to the ranch and can pass on a few up-dates. Let’s begin with the horses: they are a pleasure to ride! They have a variety to choose from, mostly Andalusians and Andalusian Crosses (plenty of Arab blood mixed in); there are a couple of Appaloosas (one, named JJ, is a 17.1 mare – which should be called “Legs”! Very comfy canter). I was really impressed with the standard of husbandry and the relaxed, yet business-like manner of the ranch. Horse welfare is top priority, as it is on all our rides, but it’s particularly good here.


The tack is well maintained and there are enough English and Western saddles to go around. Tack tends to be matched to horse, but there are some horses which go equally well under either discipline. It is worth bringing a seat-saver if you are comfy using one.

Riders are matched to horses and if you’re not settled on the horse you are matched with there are enough other horses (26 in all; mares and geldings) to swap.

Andalusian bay

The drive to the ranch takes about 1 ½ hrs from Malaga airport on excellent roads. Ann is your hostess for the first night and she has several small cottages within her grounds which are mainly twin-share; each with en suite bathroom. Ann’s casa is high on a mountainside overlooking the market town of Lanjaron – excellent views and if the weather is clear you can even see the coast of Morocco!

Insects are not going to be a big problem, but do bring along some DEET or similar insect repellent, just in case. Sun block is essential; no need to bring water purification tablets; this is a spa area and it’s fine to drink directly from the taps. Bring a camera! All these bits and pieces will easily go into your saddle-bags (each person has twin saddle-bags.)

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