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Apr 2010

Spotlight on volunteering in Ecuador

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You might say we know Ecuador pretty well….over a decade ago VentureCo Worldwide began in the back streets of Quito and now we have quite a collection of projects here…

We are proud to add to this our new Manta Ray project on the Pacific Coast…. one of our most exciting projects yet…..

Manta Rays are one of our ocean’s most charismatic residents. Their huge, easily recognisable shape inspires awe in divers and other water users, and no diver can ever forget the first time they saw a manta underwater. They appear as mysterious to divers as they do to science. Little is known about their lives, and their ghostly, enormous yet silent appearance along the world’s tropical and temperate reef systems have inspired generations of people. This project was developed to find out more about the migratory population of Manta birostris that visits the coast of Ecuador each summer.
For more details on this project check out the volunteer projects page

Don’t forget our other volunteer projects in Ecuador….
Our fantasticly remote Galapagos Conservation project would make a change from most peoples daily routine. Do something a bit less ordinary this year and grab a machete and get hacking!

The Book Bus in Ecuador also launched in 2010 to great success and we hope to continue this throughout the year. Climb aboard and become a story-teller!

Get involved in 2010 and give Ecuador a go…

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