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Nov 2013

Vic Falls in late Oct DRY!

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Dry, dry, Vic Falls is DRY!


“Vic Falls in late Oct DRY!”

“Vic Falls in late Oct 2013 DRY!”

This is the first time for a while that Vic Falls has dried out altogether, except for a trickle flowing over Devil’s Cataract, tight up against the Zimbabwe side of the falls.

The flow of water is a crucial part of a visit; after all there’s nothing more disappointing than arriving at the falls only to find them non-existent! Here’s a guide to Victoria Falls including the famous Moon-bow


Mind you, if you’re in to “Extreme Picnicing” this is the best opportunity for a bite to eat at the base of the falls! Or at the top, right on the rim!

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Oct 2013

Looking for Mrs Livingstone

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We’re delighted to have a guest blog post from journalist and author, Julie Davidson, on her return visit to the adrenalin capital of Africa, Livingstone in Zambia, and her research in to the explorer’s remarkable wife…

Statue of David Livingstone

“Blimey!” I mutter, as I step from the terminal building  into the brilliant light. ““They’ve put up another one.”  I pause before the new statue of David Livingstone in the little airport’s forecourt. It is flanked by the figures of Susi and Chuma, the followers who carried his preserved body 1500 miles to the Indian Ocean Coast after his death in northern Zambia in 1873. This is the fourth statue of the missionary-explorer to be raised since I was last here five years ago, when the civic authorities joined forces with the tourist industry to mark the 150th anniversary of his arrival at the Victoria Falls.

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Aug 2013

A Book Bus volunteer’s story…Crocodile attack!

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Joseph Dax, an A Level student at Tavistock College was so inspired by our article in the last Winter Issue of Moor Links about local charity Book Bus, that he duly volunteered and headed off for two weeks this summer to Zambia to play his part in encouraging local children to get reading. On his return he kindly put this article together to tell us of his memorable experience.

Have you ever been attacked by a crocodile? My trip to Livingstone, Zambia as a Book Bus volunteer left me with a very lasting impression!  Camping in the grounds of ‘Grubby’s Grotto’, an old colonial residence, myself and the other volunteers set off early each morning, trundling down winding dusty roads and tracks in the trusty (but rather bumpy) Book Bus.

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