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Blog: The Okavango seasons explained


Dec 2016

The Okavango Seasons, Botswana.

There are several natural influences on the seasons within the Okavango Delta: the rainfall, the flow of floodwater, annual variations, changes in animal habits and migrating birds, are some of them. Here is an attempt to synthesize it all into a simple diagram:-


You could spend a lot of time explaining the implications of this diagram, but the point is, there is always something interesting going on in the Okavango and there simply isn’t a bad time to visit.

Bear in mind that a camp’s location is also a factor: some camps are built next to permanent water courses (rivers and lagoons) others experience a wet and dry season. If you’re considering a visit, it’s probably best to email or call us, and we can talk you through it. Office manager Mark has made six visits to the Okavango Delta over the years and is always happy to discuss seasons and which camps may suit you best.





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