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Aug 2016

Rainbow hummingbird

Long time ago during the origin of the world all the insects on earth decided to meet at the rainbow’s end and stand on it. They were so many that they covered it completely and then the rainbow started to bend.  When Tupa (God) noticed this he asked the birds, that were colorless at this time, to remove the insects from the rainbow. Then all the birds flew to help and after a long and heavy work they were able to remove them by virtue of their beaks.

After such a hard work Tupa gave each bird a prize by providing beautiful colors to their feathers that they still show until now. But the first prize was given to the bravest and smart of the birds on this duty: the Hummingbird. It was so brave and worked so hard that it received the seven colors of the rainbow.

Legend sent to me by a young conservationist in Argentina

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