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Blog: The State of Tigers in India


Feb 2018

The State of Tigers in India

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There is good news coming from Ranthambore National Park at the beginning of 2018.

Ranthambore has the highest number of tigers in its history with a population is 67, comprising 21 males, 20 females and a total of 26 cubs. Such a high population means you’re virtually guaranteed to spot one on a safari.

The tiger-carrying capacity of the park is being tested with this number of residents and there’s an increasing incidence of tigers straying out of the national park into adjoining areas. The solution is that The Forest Department has relocated three tigers to

other, near-by parks:-

* Mukundara National Park which is near Kota, 100 Km due south of Jaipur in Rajasthan, will receive two tigers.
* Sariska National Park, 60 Km NE of Jaipur, Rajasthan, lost all their tigers in 2005 to poaching. Ranthambore translocated tigresses ST-9 and 10 in 2013. Gradually the reserve population increased and today the tiger population is 13, with 7 females, 2 males and 4 cubs. A new tigresses was translocated in 2018.

Tiger safari India

Tiger B3 (rubbish name!) relaxing in Sal Forest

The habitat in Ranthambore and the other two reserves is similar; semi-arid tracts in the Aravali Hills. To maintain the uniqueness of genetic tiger stock in semi-arid areas the Ranthambore tigers will be a perfect match for the two neighbouring parks.

Magnificent tiger Ranthambore National Park. Tiger safari India

Magnificent tiger Ranthambore National Park

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