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Oct 2010

Time to leave Livingstone!

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So the final few weeks in Livingstone have been very hectic but, as always, very rewarding! The children have been enjoying the last sessions of the Bookbus season. Grade 7 are preparing for their exams but are still keen to join the crew, who seem to be useful resources for last minute questions. The bush is dry and brown, the falls almost empty, the weather is really heating up and it’s time to jump straight into the pool when the bus reaches the grotto. We have been using the buts again these past weeks as the truck is being painted and prepared for it’s trip to Malawi.

As well as lessons Bookbus volunteers have been getting involved in other aspects of school life. At Linda Community we have built shelves to accommodate the books we donated last year and then again this year. The teachers at this school really have a concept of what a library is and how to use it for maximum pupil benefit. At Zweilipili we have helped them to start repairing the collapsing roof before rainy season arrives and have donated cement to construct new floors. At Cowboy cliff preschool we accompanied the whole school on a jolly day out on the Zambezi and we became the waiting staff for the children and their parents.

It is really sad to be saying goodbye to the schools again, especially the grade 7s who will have left by the time the Bus comes back in 2011. I have heard some very moving songs and speeches and received lots of letters and cards all saying thanks and please come back! The confidence and imagination and ability to think independently has certainly been increasing in the classes throughout the year and if we can feel we have inspired a handful, however large or small, to view reading as an enjoyable, rewarding and necessary pastime, then I feel we can say we have done a good job!

The hardest goodbye is at Lubasi home, and as a treat I organised a day out for all the children and staff. We went on a boat cruise on the Zambezi and were lucky enough to see a herd of elephants. For many of the children this was their first ever trip on a boat and their first ever elephant sighting. We then had a bbq on the riverside and finally an interactive drumming workshop. We used the truck and Grubby’s rafting truck to transport them and over all it was an amazing day, enjoyed by all!! I used the photos from the trip and the holiday programmes to make them anther giant collage!

So now the tents are all packed, the truck all painted and we are ready to roll to Malawi. It is sad to say goodbye to Livingstone, as this year has been amazing, with so many cool volunteers, engaging children, exciting books to read and sparkling glitter to sprinkle, but a new challenge lies ahead…Let’s go to Malawi!!

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