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Apr 2010

Top Volcano Adventures

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Do you know the correct way to pronounce Eyjafjallajokull? Well here it is: ‘ei?jafjatlajœ?k?tl? Got it now?
Iceland’s now infamous volcano may have caused worldwide disruption across the globe but these magnificent mountain fountains can be spectacular and many are there to be climbed!

1. Mount Kilimanjaro
Probably the most famous volcano of them all. The highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro is in North Eastern Tanzania. Frequently referred to as the most beautiful mountain on earth you will never forget your time here. From steamy forest to the snowy summit you’ll experience 4 seasons in one week.

2. Cotopaxi
The worlds largest active volcano….get your ice picks ready for this one.
The volcano of Cotopaxi rises majestically above the Andean Cordilleras and is one of the most active volcanoes in Ecuador. With its perfect cone shape reaching the top of this volcano is a must for every budding mountaineer.

It can be done in a day so why not tag it on to some volunteer work in the Galapagos Islands or on our Ecuador Book Bus

3. Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya is often overlooked in favour of its more famous and higher neighbour, Kilimanjaro. This is a shame because it is a great trek with fewer trekkers and a better wilderness experience (and half the price!): it stands at a place where the great plains of East Africa give way to the southern margins of the Sahara. 100 miles south of Mt Kenya you’ll find all the Big Five living in Kenya’s national parks; 100 miles to the north and you’re in Samburu lands, pastoralists who tend camels, cattle and goats in a desert environment.

So there you have it…three cracking volcanoes to climb before you’re too old.

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