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Jan 2017

African elephants

Going solo.

Travelling alone can be a slightly daunting prospect, knowing that you’re going all the way to a remote location on your own, with little knowledge of the people or country itself. The first time I went on safari alone my worry was “Who am I going to share those experiences with? Who will I turn and talk to about what fantastic things we just saw?”


This is where travelling to Africa and joining a safari is perfect for solo travellers


African lodges focus on high value, low impact tourism and are small (3 to 8 rooms). Meals and afternoon tea are a communal affair, ensuring that you have the chance to interact with other guests and never be left at a table alone. A good guide will be around throughout the day too, not just while out in the bush, and it’s a wonderful experience to get to know the guides on a personal level, sitting around the campfire and talking about their home life and the local village community. Again, this includes you as a single traveller as part of the lodge family, and is particularly so on our Highlights of Uganda mountain gorilla safari.

Silverback pondering life

Silverback pondering life

Many lodges have removed the dreaded single supplement too (though not in peak season). And transfers are on a shared vehicle or seat-in-plane basis which makes the whole thing more fair for single travellers.


The great joy at travelling alone in game-rich areas is the fact that the people you meet tend to be nature enthusiasts and share similar interests to you. There’s nothing better than sitting up late into the night with new friends around the campfire, discussing the sights of the day, while home lives are just a distant memory.

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