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Blog: Vic Falls in late Oct DRY!


Nov 2013

Vic Falls in late Oct DRY!

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Dry, dry, Vic Falls is DRY!


“Vic Falls in late Oct DRY!”

“Vic Falls in late Oct 2013 DRY!”

This is the first time for a while that Vic Falls has dried out altogether, except for a trickle flowing over Devil’s Cataract, tight up against the Zimbabwe side of the falls.

The flow of water is a crucial part of a visit; after all there’s nothing more disappointing than arriving at the falls only to find them non-existent! Here’s a guide to Victoria Falls including the famous Moon-bow


Mind you, if you’re in to “Extreme Picnicing” this is the best opportunity for a bite to eat at the base of the falls! Or at the top, right on the rim!

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