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Dec 2016

What’s a saucepan lid got to do with it?

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The hidden bonus of a Spanish Riding holiday


Riding in the Pyrennes

There are lots of reasons to go riding in Spain, but the eateries and wine bars aren’t usually top of most riders’ “Wish List”. You tend to think of the outstanding horses, riding for hours without crossing a tarmac road and opportunities to swim with your horse in lakes and the sea. But each evening you are in for a treat: the hostess will produce tapas accompanied by the local wine, which combine superbly.

Taps, which literally translates as “saucepan lid”, comes from the days when most travellers couldn’t read and most inn-keepers couldn’t write. This made a menu redundant. So an inn-keeper would present samples of the meals available, displayed on a saucepan lid, for the traveller to try and chose their evening meal.

People like to graze and besides, if you’re sharing a selection of small dishes, the focus turns to the conversation and camaraderie rather than tackling a serious meal. And the notion is flourishing!

Andalusian grey and red-head rider

Spanish PRE or “Andalusian”

Combine the “saucepan lid” with the local wine, a day in the saddle, and you have a marriage made in heaven. No matter where you are in the country you’ll be close to an outstanding wine ‘label’ – and it’s true that Spanish wine tastes even better in its place of origin. Our Pyrenees to Mediterranean ride http://www.ventureco-worldwide.com/horse-riding-holidays-2/catalonia-trail-spain-horse-riding-holiday/  is close Cava and Rioja country; and in the Sierra Nevada http://www.ventureco-worldwide.com/horse-riding-holidays-2/alpujarra-riding-holiday/ you’re close to all the wonderful sherries. And imagine how well that combines with the local tapas …



Journey’s End: the Mediterranean coast


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