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Blog: Where can I swim weith my horse?


Jun 2017

Beach rides are one thing, but it’s not always possible to swim with your horse on a beach. Maybe the currents aren’t safe, or the access is too shelving or rocky, or perhaps the surf’s a bit violent. Here are three unexpected places where you can swim with your horse:

Not an obvious choice, but the Nile has a couple of lovely quiet coves where you can get in to the river and wade out to a depth where you can swim. The current is gentle and the water is warm; what more could you want! Ride to the source of the Nile.


In Patagonia the horses do the swimming, riders cross by boat (cold water!)

You might think you can swim with your horse in the Mediterranean, and you’d be right! There are beaches well away from the ‘bucket and spade brigade’ where the beach goes gently into the sea and horse and rider can swim together. But the hidden fact of this ride is that on several occasions before you reach the sea the rivers form big pools with easy access for horse and rider. You can in fact swim “fresh” and “salt” all on the same ride.

Motswiri in The Okavango Delta is perhaps the ultimate place to ride: outstanding guides, fast, fit horses and more water about than you know what to do with. It’s probably fairer to say there are “wading opportunities” rather than full on swimming, but a week in the Delta will see you thoroughly splashed and well-soaked!


Cantering in shallow water, Motswiri, Botswana.

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